The history of the plant begins many years ago, in the swamps of Siberia, where the uncommon plant Vaccinium Corumbosum (the blueberry) was found. During hundreds of years people were enjoying the color and the scent of the plant, without having any idea about its wholesome merit. When it came at the hands of the American scientists, they domesticated it after many years of research.
The size of the fruit in this improved form gets over many times the size of its wild “mother”, therefore maintaining the amazing taste and quality. Nowadays, many varieties of domesticated blueberry are produced. They cultivate it all over the world, from Canada to New Zealand.
But the home of the domesticated blueberry is considered to be the U.S.A., since there, in the beginning of the 20th century the American botanist  Kyle, was the first man in the world who begun the cultivation of blueberry.
The results that were received in 1998, after researches on the blueberry fruit, at the Medical Center of Boston, U.S.A, overcame every expectation.
Now, the blueberry was advertised as a source of eternal youth.
As the American scientists has proven the blueberry, not only has the ability to slow down the mechanism of aging but also contributes at the revival of the body.
For someone, wishing to improve his/her metabolism, memory or the simultaneity of movements, will be enough to dring  half of the cup of juice from blueberry fruits, every day. The juice of the plant increases the resistance of the blood vessels, regulates the function of numerous endocrine glands and has the ability to dilate the vessels, protects the core, acts against arteriosclerosis and is antiphlogistic. Also, appeases the allergic reactions of the system, to medicine or food.
The fruit itself never causes any kind of allergy and it can be given even to children with higher sensitivity to allergies or diabetes.

Biodrama Blueberry History