Blueberry Αρχική Σελίδα Προιόντα Blueberry Φυτεία Blueberry Ιστορία Blueberry Σχετικές Μελέτες Blueberry Βιολογική Καλλιέργεια Blueberry Επικοινωνία Blueberry


Blueberry Paste
Blueberry Jam Light
Blueberry Jam

A natural product with no sugar, and with rich anti-acid and healing properties


Blueberry Jam Light (sugar free)


Sweet natural taste with the most precious fruit

Blueberry Spoon-sweet
Blueberry Juice with grapes (sugar free)
Blueberry Juice with pomegranate (sugar free)

A natural traditional treat with special vitamins

The juice of life, the additive of nutrition

Blueberry Juice with pomegranate (sugar free)

Blueberry tea
Blueberry Dried Leaves
Blueberry Fresh Fruit

Blueberry tea 


A beneficial delightful beverage with rich healing properties


(from May until September)
The most precious fruit that nature offers us generously with its unique healing properties

King Fruits Liquor Blueberry

The discreet taste that excites you